Celebrating With Confirmation Party Ideas

There are many milestones in a young person’s religious life. Starting at Baptism, to First Holy Communion and onto Confirmation, the reasons to celebrate one’s walk with God are many. While each of these events is a very serious religious ceremony, they are also achievements that should be celebrated with family and friends.

Confirmation in particular is cause to celebrate in many religions as this is a time when a young person becomes an active member of the congregation and fully receives the Holy Spirit. Confirmation is an important rite of passage and its accomplishment calls for much rejoicing and even a party, but how does one plan for a tasteful Confirmation celebration?

Turning a solemn day into a celebration isn’t as hard as you may think. Confirmation parties can be fancy or they can be simple, but they should generally reflect the personality of the individual whose accomplishment is being celebrated. Again, making a solemn and serious occasion fun for the guest of honor and everybody else in attendance can be as simple as lightening the mood with some popular acceptable music, balloons and more.

The first step to planning a Confirmation party for your boy or girl is to decide on the guest list. It is a good time to determine if you would like a small celebration or a larger party. Most Confirmation parties include close family members, other members of the congregation and some friends of the celebrant. Neighbors are always a welcomed guest too. Remember to invite people who will appreciate the journey your child has been on and who will share in the pride of this Confirmation.

Once you have the who, you should decide on the where and the when so that you are able to send out invitations. Confirmation parties can be celebrated indoors or outdoors depending on the time of year and what city or state you are located. The location is also often dictated by the menu and time of the celebration. Will it be a luncheon, finger food party, sit-down meal or just cake and ice cream? Once you iron out the details, it is time to send out your Confirmation Invitations.

Confirmation invitations come in many formats. Confirmation Save the Date Magnets are a great way to make a lasting memory of the very special Confirmation event. Confirmation Save the Dates double as keepsake refrigerator magnets for both the guests and the Confirmed. Additionally, Confirmation Save the Date magnets stick right to the receiver’s fridge, desk or any other metal surface to act as a reminder of the big upcoming event. Traditional invitations work equally as well, but rarely serve a double purpose and usually end up in the recycling bin. It is best to send out your invitations a couple of weeks in advance to give your guests the opportunity to clear their schedule.

Some additional party details to work out and that may be included on the invitations, is the length of the party, whether there will be refreshments and food, if there will be any entertainment and if they should R.S.V.P. and how. Make sure your invitations or Confirmation Save the Date Magnets convey the mood of the party whether casual or formal.

When planning your Confirmation Party be sure you establish a budget and stick to it. Party planning can get expensive and quick, so lay out your budget on paper and monitor your spending. Bargain shopping ahead of time is a great way to save and if you go with Confirmation Save the Dates, most cost less the more you purchase.

Also, don’t forget that this celebration is for the Confirmed and they should be an active participant in the party’s planning and the guest selection. That is all it takes to make your Confirmation Party a great addition to an already memorable event in a young person’s life!