Emilia’s Old House Mexican Restaurant – One of Brownsville’s…

We’ve eaten at Emilia’s several times the last four years. My only disappointment was an Americanized dish two years ago. It was good, but was too much like the ones back in the Midwest. All of our other dishes here have been authentic, different, interesting, and tasty!

What is it?

Emilia’s is an old-fashioned home-style Mexican restaurant at the southern tip of Texas. It has a large menu of traditional and modern cuisine, and is considered fine dining by many patrons.

Where is it?

Emilia’s has three locations in Brownsville, TX. The one in the historic old-town near the border, 605 W. Elizabeth, is probably the true old-house one. It is patronized by many locals. It holds 50-70 patrons okay.

2nd location: 5182 E.14th Street, which is on the Hwy-48 that goes NE toward Port Isabelle and South Padre Island. This place is larger with more dining sections. It is patronized by locals, tourists, and Winter-Texans.

3rd location: 2703 Boca Chica Blvd. It has the same menu as the other two.

Abbreviated menu (contents and prices subject to change).

Almuerzos (Breakfast)

  • Huevos (eggs) w/varied meats & extras, Mexican style $3.25-6.50
  • Bisquets/Pancakes – $0.99-2.99
  • Special: 2-each; pancake, tocino (bacon), huevos $3.75
  • Country Plate – 1-chuleta (pork), 2-huevos, frijoles (beans), ensalada (salad) $4.50

Almuerzo/Lonche/Comida-Cena (Lunch-Dinner)

  • Tortillas de Harina (flour tortillas): wrapped, flat, or separate; breakfast & lunch-types $1.25-5.50
  • Gorditas de Manteca (corn tortillas): wrapped, flat, or separate; breakfast & lunch-types) $0.99-3.75
  • Botanas (appetizers): plates of mixed meats, sides, and toppings $0.99-8.99, depending selections and the number of patrons served
  • Platos Mexicanos (35 different Mexican plates): enchiladas, tortillas, entomatadas (different sauce than enchiladas), flautas (deep-fried flour wraps), quesadillas, chalupas (like tostadas), sopes (like chalupas or gorditas), chuleta, higado (liver) milanesa (steak/schnitzel), chiles rellenos, and other select plates $4.75-6.99
  • Platos de Mi Tierra (9 varied plates of my land): Mexican, quesadilla, fajitas, broiled meat tacos etc) $5.50-7.50
  • Cores al Carbon (charcoal broiled meats): steaks, agujitas norteras (thin steak), fajitas) $6.99-8.75
  • Mariscos (seafood): mostly shrimp and shrimp dishes $6.50-8.99
  • Parrillada de Res Combinada: beef variety platters w/toppings and sides $25.99 for five; $13.99 for two
  • Other Parrillada: broiled fajitas, frijoles, grilled cebollas (onions), Mexican rice $19.99 for four; $13.99 for two
  • Emilias Plate (recommended house specialty): Fajitas, pechuga (chicken breast), 4-chicken flautas, giant quesadilla, nachos, grilled chili pepper, charro beans $15.99 for two
  • Recommendacion de la casa (in-house): 4-Mexican enchiladas, 8-oz beef or chicken fajita, arroz (rice), frijoles charros $8.99
  • Emilias Mar y Tierra (sea and land): 8-oz fajita, 6-camarones (shrimp), chili toreado (grilled chili pepper), papa al horno (baked potato), cebollas y arroz (onions and rice) $9.99

Caldos (soups; varied meat/veggie) $3.00-5.99

Hamburguesas con papas (w/fries) $4.99

Ordenes Extras (side orders) all kinds $.099-1.50

Bebidas (drinks): hot, cold, soft; non-alcoholic $1.26-2.25

Summary. We ate at the old-town place recently. The appetizer soup was spiced with 1/4″ slices of corn-on-the-cob. Tasty. The warmed salsa and fresh chips went down well, too. Our chalupas were loaded with specified ingredients and topped with lots of white cheese.

Yet, our popular dessert of sauce-topped flan and a piece of ordinary frosted cake seemed skimpy compared to the large galletas (cookies) of past times. Of course, their prices have stayed the same for years. Maybe it’s time to bring back the giant cookies. To know more about Mexican and Tex-Mex food, see these websites.