How to Treat Bacterial Vaginosis Naturally – Simple Bacteria…

Bacterial vaginosis affects almost 70% of women during their fertile years. It can be a very embarrassing and irritating infection to bear with. It is characterized by a fishy smelling discharge, which is often gray or white in color and itching and burning around the vagina. In this article I am going to share 3 simple bacterial vaginosis home remedy ideas which have been successfully used by many women the world over in treatment of vaginosis.

1. Natural antibiotics

Drinking hot milk with turmeric every night before going to bed is very effective to fight off infections. Turmeric has excellent antibacterial properties. Ensure that you wash your vagina with plain water moving from the vagina to the rectum and cleanse it. Till your infection subsides avoid fizzy drinks, sugar and starchy food since these food are believed to feed the bacteria which causes vaginosis.

2. Tea Bags

For itching and burning sensation apply used tea bags to the vaginal for immediate relief. Another bacterial vaginosis home remedy is to make a solution of sandalwood oil and rose water. Chill this solution in the fridge and apply for reducing irritation and burning sensation.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt can be consumed orally thrice a day till the infection completely subsides to cure the problem. Alternatively it can be applied directly on your vagina also. Yogurt is one of the most popular and effective home remedy which has been in existence since ancient times.

During the time that you have this infection it is best to avoid intercourse. Wear loose-fitting cotton panties which will allow proper air circulation in the vaginal area.

Follow these simple bacterial vaginosis home remedy ideas for a week or so to completely get rid of the infection. However if your symptoms worsen it is best to resort to formal treatment for vaginosis.