Middle Child Syndrome – Do I Have It?

So you are a middle child, but how do you know you have Middle Children Syndrome? We have creatively collected this survey from a list of the most common symptoms seen in an affected individual. The survey is composed of questions that are arranged in in a scale from mild to dangerous symptoms.

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The 10 Symptoms (Answer Truthfully!)

1. Do you feel alienated from your family?

2. Do you feel alienated from your friends?

3. Do you often lock yourself inside your room?

4. Ever felt used by friends?

5. Do you get easily depressed from criticism?

6. Have you ever dreamed of something but did not have the courage to pursue it?

7. Do you feel envy and even hatred towards your parents or siblings?

8. Have you ever done things just to be accepted or noticed by others?

9. Did you feel that you were pushed to achieve things that you did not enjoy your childhood?

10. Ever felt that you did not belong and no one loves you and the world will be better without you?

Meaning of my scores: Count the number of YES’s to the questions above

0-3 Congratulations! You’re perfectly normal.

4-5 You just suffer low self-esteem. Nothing weird, go fix your hair and you will do fine.

6-8 Do not be scared. It seems you have mild Middle Child Syndrome. Self-help and guidance will often cure the condition.

9-10 Unfortunately, you suffer a severe condition of Middle Child Syndrome, try not to do anything rash. Emotional support from love ones along with psychiatric help will solve this.

What can you do about it?

1. Forget about the past. Do not always bring back sad and painful memories. Instead, think of joyful memories in your childhood. Build on these thoughts and try to live a happy life.

2. Start with yourself. Do not expect everyone to immediately change to fit your needs. You should be the first to show them that you have changed. Try to show them that you care, and you will be rewarded a hundredfold.

3. Put God in the center of your life. He is always there, always looking after you. Begin each day by praying, thanking God for all the gifts you have received from Him.

4. Patience is the key, all you have to do is wait and you will see that everything and everyone around you will soon begin to change.

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