The Path from Mediocre to Meteoric

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the Master calls a butterfly.” – Richard Bach

Are you ready for a meteoric life? Have you had enough of mediocre? Deep inside, you KNOW you deserve a fantastic life. Maybe you’ve been taught that you are less than amazing, that a mundane, ordinary life is good enough for you, that just getting by is the most you can expect. Well, it’s time to change all that. How, you ask? To rise above mediocrity, the first step is to remember something very important that you may have forgotten:

You are absolutely and eternally wonderful and worthy of whatever you desire.

Deep inside, you know that’s true, but this truth may have been covered up by limiting beliefs you’ve picked up along the way. Here are two of the most popular limiting beliefs:

  • I’m not good enough. There is nothing true about this belief or any of its manifestations – I’m not smart enough, talented enough, attractive enough, etc. You do not need to justify your existence. You KNOW you are absolutely wonderful and completely worthy just as you are.
  • I can’t really have what I want. In this Universe of Well-Being, where you can attract anything and everything you desire, unlimited abundance is yours for the asking. It is not necessary to settle for less than you really want. Remember?

Eternal Expansion. Life is an ongoing process of growing and expanding and breaking through to new beginnings – to experiences you could never have imagined from your previous vantage point. Often we go through a difficult situation and look back later and say – Thanks, I needed that or I am so glad that happened or Gosh, that was the most fortunate turn of events. The point is to proceed with confidence toward your new goal. Like the baby chick breaking out of its shell, there’s a brand new exciting world waiting out there for you that you didn’t even know existed. This is when you wake up and feel the thrill of being alive. This is when you take back your life and direct it in a wonderful new direction. As you move through life, ask yourself – Who do I want to be now? Who am I in the process of becoming?

“What if fine isn’t good enough? What if I want extraordinary?” – from the movie, Hitch

Think BIG! Envision ideal circumstances. Eliminate all limitations – money, time, I can’t, etc. Expect to have it all. You decide what kind of life is right for you: ·ordinary or extraordinary ·average or exceptional ·commonplace or rare ·humble or proud ·plain or extravagant ·conventional or avant-garde ·mediocre or meteoric. You decide what kind of life is right for you.

And, if you decide that you want and deserve nothing less than a meteoric existence, then go for it – paint a fabulous new picture of who you are, write a delicious new script for your life, make new, empowering I am statements. These exercises will set you on the magical, joyous path from mediocre to meteoric.